The Suzanne™ Bra Cotton - Optimum support

Cotton is a fabric that breaths but does not stretch. This makes our cotton bra the best choice for a perky fit, and optimum support. The no stretch straps give you the lift without the bust bouncing when moving about. This bra is great as an exercise bra or a nursing bra. This style is wonderful under blouses and garments with darts. Opaque white color fabric. Your bustline will actually match your dart lines.

The Beige Cotton Bra

C100Our Cotton Beige Bra - Optimum support. Perky fit, no give natural-look fabric starting at 42.00.

Beige cotton is a good choice for optimum support. When wearing light colors, beige is the best choice for not showing through your light clothing. Cotton being a fabric that does not give, you have the secure perky fit best suited for clothing with dart lines. Cool in the hot weather, and durable for long wear.

The White Cotton Bra

CW100Our Cotton White Bra - Optimum support. A no give fabric in bright white starting at 46.00.

The color white gives that crisp look. The white cotton bra gives optimum support. Cotton fabric does not give and breaths. Gives that perky look advantageous for wearing under clothing with dart lines.

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