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Our Mission

Social Mission

It is our mission to recognize the uniqueness, and special needs of each and everyone of our clients. Suzanne™ Bras wants every woman to have Faith in her soul, Love in her heart, and Hope in her spirit.

Product Mission

To provide the properly fitted custom bra that provides healthful support and comfort to each woman taking into consideration their unique individual size, shape and special needs.

Economic Mission

To operate and produce the highest quality customized bras that unlike commercially produced bras will last 3 to 5 years providing our clients with economically cost efficient product to meet her needs.

Suzanne Suzanne

Suzanne has been a major support for all figure types for many years. Suzanne Henri, Inc. was founded to develop and manufacture a bra that fits. Our goal was to design a bra that would provide the fit for full figured ladies. At that time the market place did not address this area.

Suzanne became involved with the brassiere business over 30 years ago. After experiencing problems at an early age with an over-developed bustline and the frustration of trying to find a properly fitting bra. Suzanne has worked with physicians, chiropractors, dentists and many women with previously "ill-fitted" situations. Suzanne understands that it is not just a question of appearance and comfort but that it can be a real health issue. This is an issue that had been sorely neglected. This lead Suzanne to research alternatives. Thus Suzanne manufactured developed and designed, a unique bra with a total support system. The most unique facet is that each bra is specially designed to and for one specific person and her individual measurements.

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