Frequently Asked Questions

What size bras can be custom made?

Suzanne™ Bras carries sizes beginning at 26-28 C to 60QQ.

Do you have more than one style?

Yes, you have a choice between our style L200, Lace Cover and C100 Cotton Cover available in Classique Beige and White Tricot TW300 White or Black BT300. Suzanne will also be featuring new styles in the near future that will be sure to please, so you will want to check our website so you won't miss the new styles.

What makes Suzanne™ Bras so unique?

Suzanne™ Bra features include:

Why is it so important to have a properly fitted bra?

Over the last 25 years Suzanne has worked with physicians, chiropractors, dentist and women with previously ill fitted situations. In addition to comfort and appearance there is a real health concern that must be addressed. The weight of the breast pulling on the neck can cause diminished blood flow to the head causing migraine headaches. The effect of the weight and gravity will also effect your posture and can cause backache. When you try to lift the weight of breast by shortening your bra straps, you either have the problem of your bra riding up your back or painful grooves in your shoulders. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) has also been connected with the inadequate support given by conventional bras. Without proper support the tiny ligaments and vessels of the breast will continue to sag as the law of gravity takes its toll. This is not healthy as the proper blood flow to the breast area is now being blocked and the tissue under the arm is now being bumped and battered with your movement. This has led Suzanne to research and develop a unique bra, with a total support system, which she is now proud to present.

What can I do about my bustline?

Do I need a bra with a under wire, does an under wire give more support?

Under wire bras can cause extra pressure and tightness. If an under wire is not properly fitted it can make your bra extremely uncomfortable. Suzanne™ bras do not have an under wire and will give you the best support you ever had from any of the conventional bras you have worn in the past.

What does your fitting system include?

Your fitting system includes a fitting crowns, a color brochure of bra styles. A price list, order form, and detailed directions. What if I need second bra later on or my weight changes and my Suzanne™ bra does not fit any more? selected to achieve your custom cup measurement. This fitting system will instruct you on how to take the proper measurements needed.

How do I know if a Suzanne™ Bra is right for me?

If your current bra causes any of the following problems listed below it is time to try a Suzanne™ Bra.

Is my Suzanne™ bra guaranteed to last?

Your Suzanne™ Bra comes with a six month warranty, although most of our customers have found that their Suzanne™ bra has given them a much longer and comfortable wearing time than 6 months.

Will the Suzanne™ Bra fit anyone with a full figure?

The Suzanne™ Bra is designed to provide proper support and comfort for all figure types and activities whether you are young or more mature, slender or full figured, post-operative, pregnant or nursing women. We provide "proper support" for you.

What does a Custom Fitting System cost?

The Suzanne™ Bra Fitting System is $10.00 with $0.00 S&H for US orders, or $3.00 S&H for orders from outside of the US. You will be refunded seven dollars ($7.00) when you place your bra order and/or return my fitting system within 15 days.

What if you need second bra later on or my weight changes and your Suzanne™ bra does not fit any more?

We will have your measurements and size on file for a reorder with no size change, or if your weight changes and your Suzanne™ Bra does not fit anymore there is no charge for a refit, only the actual finished merchandise.

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