Health Concerns

Inadequate support of the breast can lead to discomfort or health problems. Lack of support could cause migraine headaches or backaches. The Suzanne™ Bra may help prevent these problems.

The pictures below show the breast in various stages of sag. The breast can be compared to a rubber band. The more weight that is attached to it, the further the rubber band will stretch. Over time the rubber band will get thinner. The breast ligaments are similar to the rubber band described above.

Breast Animation

Inadequate Support Progression

  1. This is a healthy breast. The tissue and ligaments have not started to stretch. Without proper support your breast will start to sag.
  2. Over time your breast will start to drop down. The delicate tissue begins to roll off of the chest wall, over the pectoral muscle, and displaces itself under the arm, and in the midriff area.
  3. This is not healthy because proper blood flow is being restricted. As the breast tissue displaces under the arm, it is now being bumped and battered with every move.
  4. When the weight of the breast pulls on the neck, the blood flow to the head can be diminished. This may result in headaches. The affects of the additional weight can also effect posture. This can place undue stress on the back, possibly causing backaches.

When you shorten regular bra straps to achieve lift, you either get the back of the bra riding up or painful grooves in the shoulders.

If the breast is supported correctly, as it would be with the Suzanne™ Bra, the weight is taken off of the breast ligaments. With the Suzanne™ Bra, the mass of the breast may then begin to re-adhere to the chest wall. In addition, the tissue that has become misplaced can now get the proper blood flow to rebuild.

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