The Suzanne™ Bra

Welcome to the Suzanne™ Collection

Suzanne™ Bras are a pioneer in the brassiere industry. Each bra is manufactured specifically for each client to provide optimum fit and comfort. Suzanne™ Bras take into consideration your body structure so you have a band and a cup size that is a perfect fit especially for you. We take all the guess work out of custom fitting, leaving you with a great fitting bra that can make you look pounds thinner and give you a more youthful and womanly appearance. A properly fitted bra can relieve or eliminate health issues including headaches, backaches and other orthopedic problems. Suzanne™ Bras can help you to look and feel better than ever!

Proper fittings are accomplished by ordering our exclusive and unique fitting system. It comes with a step by step directions for measurements and actual bra type cups known as Crowns, that measure the exact volume required for your breast tissue.

Due to the custom fitting of each individual, some insurance carriers may cover these garments.

A satisfied customer is our best advertisement. You get a guaranteed fit that you need and will leave you satisfied!

Fittingly yours,


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