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In The News


Tricot Fabric March 07, 2008

Don't forget about the white and black bras tricot fabric they are great bra for those more clingy cloths. Try the black it is a great addition to your bra wardrobe.

Swim Suits March 06, 2008

At the moment there is no update on the swim suit line. We will keep you posted.

Talks/Health Fairs/ Public Media March 05, 2008

You know how much you like your Suzanne Bra. Wouldn't you like more ladies to know about the fit and comfort no matte what size they may be? Do you know of a talk show or public media that would benefit other ladies like yourself. We will be setting up out speaking tour for the year. If you have a viable source please share it with us. You would be helping so many women that are probably going through the agony you once experience before the Suzanne Bra.

New Choices March 04, 2008

We will be offering new fabric choices that will be sure to get rave reviews. We of course will still have our cotton and lace which are our main support, but we will be adding some real fashion pleasers as so many of you have requested.

We Are Back and Running! March 03, 2008

First I would like to thank everyone that as been so patient during our shut down after the storm devastated our facility. It has been a long slow recovery. We are finally up and running. After all the existing orders have been filled we will be caught up and ready to give prompt service as we have always prided ourselves in.

Thank you for all your support, so now we can give you your support.


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