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I have often heard women say it cost to much too get a really "good" bra. What women don't realize is that the average cost of a commercially manufacture bra can start at $20. They are made on an assembly line. No deviation to accommodate your uniqueness. With proper care regular store bras may last 6 months, and who buys just one bra? Being very conservative lets say you buy 3 bras at $60 twice a year. So now you've spent $120 in one year. Continuing with that pattern you would then spend $360 in three years providing there is no price increase or no other change in a host of other variables. A Suzanne™ bra is custom fit, made in America, and with proper care can last you 3 to 5 years, and will cost far less than the $360 for 18 bras that never gave you the proper support in the first place! Your breasts are your most distinctive feminine feature. They give you beauty and sex appeal. You wouldn't buy a cheap pair of shoes that pinched your toes, hurt and gave you calluses. You shouldn't settle for a bra that is uncomfortable, digs into your shoulders ride up your back, your breast fall or pop out of. So... at Suzanne™ Bra we believe you deserve a fit not just a fashion! Don't you?

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