Getting Started

The Suzanne™ Bra Collection gives you the flexibility to add different styles of bras to your bra wardrobe that give you the different look in your clothing that fashions demand. The secret to clothing looking great can be the foundation (bra) you place under them. It is somewhat like building a house, if your foundation is not adequate, then the structure will not stand properly. The same can be said for your bra. If it does not fit properly, your clothing will not look as nice as it could be. So select the bras that will enhance your fashions.

If you've never had a Suzanne™ Bra before

Before you can order you bra you must be propery fitted. Proper fitting is of paramount importance. To get the proper fitting you need use our special The Suzanne™ Bra Fitting System. When your Fitting System arrives, flow the instructing included or use the online instructions to determine your proper size.

Once you've been fitted

Once you have ordered the The Suzanne™ Bra Fitting System and have determined your proper size you can browse from our current collection and choose the style that is right for you.

We are giving you Suzanne™ Bra wearers an added bonus. In the near future we will be introducing some great "fashion" without giving up the fit, bras in some lovely fabrics. We will be posting them on our web site in the announcement section, so check back frequently for updates. These will be offered for limited times and only until our fabric selections are depleted. Don't miss out on these gorgeous bras made not only for support, but for your viewing pleasure.

When it is time for you to reorder use our handy online reorder form. It is convenient and secure.

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